Dahlia tubers

Producer since 2007

What we love about dahlias is that there is something for everyone. No matter what shape, size or color you like, you'll find what you're looking for.

Over the years, we have acquired expertise in field production, flower harvesting and tuber conservation. We continue to learn about the diseases that affect these flowers and we are constantly looking for solutions to keep away insects that love to nibble on the petals.

We take as much care with our dahlias as with our customers

An A1 service

We are proud to have a 5-star rating on the Dahlia Addict website, which brings together dahlia producers in Canada and the United States. We obtained this ranking thanks to the quality of our tubers and our customer service.

We also find ourselves in the list of dahlia growers from the popular Erin Benzakein, owner of Floret Farm .

Our guarantee on tubers

We guarantee that all tubers we send have at least one viable bud (eye) and are in good condition for planting. However, we cannot be responsible for tubers once they have been stored or planted by customers.

With your shipment you will receive detailed planting information and care tips; please follow it carefully. If there is a problem with your order, please email us within one week of receiving it.

We are committed to providing the highest quality tubers, but weather, soil, pests and other environmental factors affect tuber performance.

Viruses in dahlias

There are different viruses that can affect the development of dahlias. These viruses can be transmitted naturally by sucking insects or mechanically by pruning shears when cutting flowers or dividing tubers. To avoid the spread of viruses in your dahlias, it is suggested to implement good cultivation practices.

On the farm, we clean our tools well when dividing the tubers and when picking in the field. We systematically eliminate all tubers and plants suspected of carrying a virus. However, in Quebec, tests to detect all viruses in dahlias are still limited. We therefore cannot guarantee that our tubers are disease free.

To learn more about viruses that affect dahlias, you can consult the American Dahlia Society website (reference in English only).