There are several techniques for caring for dahlia tubers. This is how we do it on the farm. You can follow these procedures whether you are a home gardener or a flower grower.

The awakening of the dahlia

In spring, we like to “wake up” our dahlias before planting in the field. This way we are guaranteed to plant tubers with sprouts. Early germination also allows you to have flowers a little earlier in the season.

*It is not necessary to germinate the tubers before planting.

What the dahlia needs to be active: heat and humidity

Heat: Room temperature between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius


  1. Remove the tubers from the box upon receipt;
  2. Take a tray, a plastic box or a large garbage bag and place a little damp garden soil at the bottom;
  3. Place the tubers on the ground and cover them lightly with damp soil;
  4. Place your open container or bag near a light source and moisten the soil as needed.
  5. You can leave your tubers in your container for several weeks. Plant your tubers in the ground after all risk of frost.

When to germinate tubers?

  • If you have space in your house or in a greenhouse, you can do this procedure during the month of March or April.
  • If you want to plant directly in the field or in your plant bed, you can activate your tubers 2 to 3 weeks before planting them.

Dahlia cuttings (cuttings)

It is possible to take dahlia cuttings before planting. If you want to try, we suggest activating your tubers during the winter so that you can have your first cuttings in March.

A tuber generally produces several sprouts, it will then be possible to make 3 to 4 cuttings per tuber.

Necessary equipment

  • Jiffy or multi-cell cabaret
  • Rooting Powder #1
  • Trays and lids


  • Clean cut under a knot;
  • Lightly dip the cutting in rooting powder
  • Plant in the jiffy or multicell cabaret
  • Keep the soil moist
  • Important: Disinfect scissors and hands with each plan and/or variety.
Sarah Beaupré