Plantation des anémones et renoncules

Plantation des anémones et renoncules

La culture de ces fleurs requiert quelques étapes simples à exécuter. Vous retrouverez différentes façons de faire, à vous de choisir ce qui vous convient.
February 20, 2023 — Sarah Beaupré
Entreposez vos tubercules pour l'hiver

Store your tubers for the winter

The dahlia is a beautiful flower, but keeping it can sometimes be a headache. Here are some tips to help you with winter storage.
January 15, 2022 — Sarah Beaupré
Recette pain aux dahlias

Dahlia bread recipe

What to do with your large tubers that you have broken when you come out of the ground or that no longer have any germs after separation or that you simply have no place to store them?

Make yourself a dahlia bread!

December 31, 2021 — Sarah Beaupré
Classification des dahlias

Classification of dahlias

Full details on the classification of dahlias in our online store according to the American Dahlia Society (ADS)

December 31, 2021 — Sarah Beaupré