Café au lait

The unbeatable Café au lait! We understand why it is so popular: its color is unique. A 7"- 8" flower in shades of pale pink, blush, beige and sometimes with purple lines. The color of this dahlia can vary depending on the temperature and the amount of water received during the summer.

We see this dahlia a lot in wedding arrangements. Short plant and very thick stems, if you want to use it for the cut flower, we advise you to take several tubers since the plant is not as floriferous as other varieties. Large producer of tubers.


  • Introduction 1968
  • Height 3' - 90cm
  • Seasonal flowering
  • Passable cut flower


  • 6" to 8" (B)
  • Decorative Informal (ID)
  • Pink (PK)