We work with flower artisans who, like us, want to spread the beauty of local flowers.

Why choose local flowers?

Their lifespan

We pick the flowers a maximum of 48 hours before delivery. Immediately after picking, the flowers are put in water with a moisturizing agent (hydraflora) and they are kept in a temperate refrigerator. They are also delivered in an air-conditioned vehicle. Our customers say they can keep our flowers without any problem between 5 and 14 days depending on the variety.

They are more robust

Because they are grown in the open field, the flowers are subject to the whims of Mother Nature. Results? They are more vigorous and fit better in flower arrangements. We also make sure to deliver top quality flowers that are not damaged by insects or disease.

Greater diversity

We produce more than 300 varieties of dahlia and more than 60 annuals in different shapes and colors. Each year, we adjust our production list according to the requests of our customers to meet their needs.

The ecological choice

We are an ecological farm located in Saint-Anicet in Montérégie. We mainly use environmentally friendly products for the production of our flowers. By choosing local flowers, you also help reduce the carbon footprint since they don't travel thousands of miles.