<transcy>A family business</transcy>

Work the land differently

The idea of ​​the flower farm obviously comes from our passion for flowers, but above all from our environmental values. Every month, several million flowers are imported from countries in Europe, South America and Africa. And to keep them beautiful during this journey, several chemicals are used to maximize their preservation.

So why import flowers by the ton when we can produce magnificent ones here?

Au Beau Pré is identified with the Slow Flower movement, that means that each action on the farm is carefully chosen to reduce its environmental and social impacts by preferring eco-responsible, local and fair-trade products. We produce seasonal flowers respecting their natural cycle and the majority of our operations are done on a human scale.

<transcy>Dahlia grower since 2007</transcy>

Roger and Liliane founded Production St-Anicet in 2007. The company specializes in the production of dahlia tubers where it has acquired a North American reputation for the quality of their products; tubers are shipped annually across Canada and the United States.

<transcy>Flower growers</transcy>

Each in their own way, Liliane, Roger and Sarah bring their expertise to the floral farm.

Liliane has a great knowledge of flowers in general: as much on the different varieties as on how to take care of them. She lets herself be guided by her intuition and her creative spirit to select the cut flowers of the season. Liliane always has ideas full of head to take the company to another level.

Roger has technical knowledge. His thoroughness and attention to detail always lead him to question the best practices for working the soil, keeping pests away and preventing the spread of disease in the field. Recognized as the "Engineer" of the family, each year he builds a new tool to optimize farm operations.

Finally, Sarah, she joined the team, who always helped on the family farm informally. It was only in 2019 that she developed an interest in flowers, particularly in the production of cut flowers. From the communications field, Sarah brings her expertise in business marketing, innovation and the development of new technologies. She calmly learns the workings of the profession of farmer-florist thanks to the knowledge of her parents and with the help of recognized training. 

<transcy>A team above all</transcy>

It takes a lot of people to run the flower farm. In addition to family members, we can count on several employees, interns, volunteers and friends to help us.

Each year, we are looking for new people to fill different positions during the season.