floral subscription


Subscription Types

Receive between 3 and 9 bouquets of seasonal flowers grown locally and ecologically. Bouquets consist of 15 to 25 stems of mixed flowers and foliage. The color of the bouquets varies according to our inspiration of the moment.

Subscription by season

Choose 1, 2 or all 3 seasons for your floral subscription. Seasonal packages offer 3 bouquets delivered to the selected drop-off point every two weeks.


The first flowers are always very expected! The spring subscription includes 3 bouquets of flowers delivered during the months of May and June.

Main flowers : Tulips, Buttercups, Anemones and Peonies


It's the plenty of flowers! The summer subscription includes 3 bouquets of flowers delivered during the months of June and July.

Main flowers: Lily, Lisianthus, Sunflower and first dahlias!


The fall subscription includes 3 bouquets of fresh flowers and 1 bouquet of dried flowers delivered in September and October. This subscription includes our specialty flowers!

Main flowers: Dahlias, eucalyptus, dried flowers


The bouquets are delivered every two weeks to the drop-off point selected above. Delivery dates vary depending on the package and drop-off point chosen. We use recyclable and compostable packaging depending on the region.

We deliver bouquets to drop-off points on Thursday noon at the latest. It is strongly recommended to pick up your bouquet of flowers the same day to take full advantage of its freshness. However, the business will keep your bouquet until the next day, after which it can dispose of it. No refund will be issued in this case. The trade is not responsible for the preservation of the bouquet.

If you have an impediment, you can always send another person to pick up the bouquet for you. (However, you will have to convince her to give you the bouquet!)

Address of the drop points

Local du Gourmet in Salaberry-de-Valeyfield
Ruban Bleu, Châteauguay
Serenplicity in Ormstown
Sous les oliviers, in Vaudreuil-Dorion

Tompol le Café, in Saint-Lazare
At the farm in Saint-Anicet