Our products for Valentine's Day

What to give for Valentine's Day?

Why not give a gift that will please now AND all summer long?

Think about combining a bouquet of dried flowers with a floral subscription to spoil your loved one all year long.

From $110

Floral subscription + Bouquet of dried flowers

Give her a bouquet of dried flowers on Valentine's Day and fresh flowers all summer long!

<transcy>A greener love day&nbsp;</transcy>

How to make Valentine's Day even more beautiful? By offering ecological flowers.

Not roses.

Don't be mistaken, I love roses! It's just that they are not offered at the right time. In Canada, roses are grown in heated greenhouses, but never in large enough quantities to supply demand. To give you an idea, in February 2019, the country imported 4 million dozen roses. And that's over 14 million dozen roses imported throughout the year (not to mention other imported flowers).

What can we offer then?

Floral subscription

Several floral farms in Quebec offer the possibility of purchasing a floral subscription for the coming summer. The flower growers produce magnificent ecological seasonal flowers that will be delivered to you from spring to autumn.

Bouquet of dried flowers

Yes, dried flowers are back on trend and we love it! Our bouquets have nothing to do with your grandmother's potpourri. Our flowers have been carefully harvested at the right time to keep their color and shine for several months.

A beautiful thought

We have several templates of wish cards where you can write beautiful words. These maps were created by local illustrators. They are so pretty that you want to keep them in plain sight.